Balcony Scenes

Red Coconut isn't Sunset

Back in 5 minutes

The market

A lonely pint of beer

7 days a week

Everything that can happen in a day often does

Eggs & bananas

Sounds from the floating world

Sounds from the floating world II





10 x 15 (on-going)

Souvents sur les dents

York Boulevard

Fruits and Vegetables

It is a winning cake

York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA


100 copies

38 colours

25 screen-printed layers

20 shops

19 doors

16 pages

16 gradients

14 donuts

03 trees

03 ATMs

02 street poles

01 air dancer

01 clam shell pool


16 pages

290 x 200mm

screen printed in 38 colours

100 numbered copies